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Yellow membership is for statutory and private organisations e.g. schools, out of school clubs, nurseries and residential settings.


Membership Details

Schools & Play Centres: £35.00 / year

Membership Terms & Conditions


On becoming a member, we, the member organisation / individual agrees to be bound by the following conditions

1) “PLAYWORKS” and “Nottingham Play Forum” include, where the context so admits, their representatives, employees, agents, contractors, invitees, licensees and other such persons.

2) That all materials collected from PLAYWORKS shall be used by the member only for the listed activities, and in particular shall not be resold, bartered, exchanged without the agreement of PLAYWORKS.

3) That only materials required for children’s arts, crafts, play and other similar projects shall be taken by a project and that materials surplus to its immediate requirements shall be returned to PLAYWORKS.

4) That PLAYWORKS reserves the right to refuse admission to a project member on reasonable grounds.

5) That PLAYWORKS reserves the right to prevent at anytime a member removing materials which, in its absolute discretion, thinks unsuitable for that project member’s listed activities and to place limits on the quantity of any particular material which the project may remove.

6) PLAYWORKS does not undertake to make available any materials whatsoever.

7) That a PLAYWORKS member shall take proper care and attention in collecting, handling, distributing and supervising the use of all and any materials collected from PLAYWORKS and without prejudice to the general of the forgoing, shall ensure that such collection, handling, distribution and supervision shall be carried out by responsible and qualified people and in particular that any qualities, characteristics and dangers in any such materials pointed out by PLAYWORKS shall be brought to the attention of all persons collecting, handling, distributing and supervising the use of such materials.

8) That person/s collecting any materials from PLAYWORKS must have experience of working with the user groups of their organisation and their particular need and or/problems.

9) That a PLAYWORKS member shall properly insure against any damage, loss or injury which may occur from the negligence act or omission of their servant or any agent to any property or to any person by or arising in connection with any materials supplied by PLAYWORKS against any loss, damage or injury as aforesaid.

10) That PLAYWORKS shall not be responsible for any economic loss nor for any damage to any property whatsoever whether or not arising from the negligence of PLAYWORKS.

11) All member groups must undertake to record all unpredicted reactions, accidents or incidents associated with the use of any materials provided by PLAYWORKS. The member group must inform PLAYWORKS of that incident or reaction as soon as possible after the event and in any event must submit a full written report no later than two weeks after that event.

12) PLAYWORKS reserves the right to alter or otherwise add to these conditions by giving written notice.

13) Membership shall not be made available to any group that does not adhere to the Nottingham Play Forum’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

14) Member groups may only collect materials from the Forum Scrapstore a maximum of ONCE a week during stated opening hours.



The personal details overleaf will be held on record and used only by employees / agents of Playworks for administrative purposes, information distribution and monitoring effective delivery of services, and will not be shared with others without your consent.

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