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The ScrapStore diverts tonnes of waste from landfill and works closely with a number of businesses in Nottingham. 

Recycling FACTS

  • PlayWorks have been involved with Nottingham City Councils recycling programmes and partnered on projects such as Trash to Treasure in 2016.
  • The ScrapStore was recognised in the 2016 Evening Post Environmental Awards and were runners up in the Waste Management and Recycling Award.
  • PlayWorks also deliver environmental educational sessions in schools to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling.
  • Obtaining materials through the ScrapStore is not only good for the environment and your pocket – but it also ensures that PlayWorks can continue to deliver vital sessions for children and young people in the City.
  • Schools - having a ScrapStore membership means that you have an eco friendly supplier of materials for lessons and activities – this can positively influence your Green Flag status.
  • For Businesses, recycling your waste via the ScrapStore can greatly impact your green credentials, corporate social responsibility and employee engagement/giving schemes.